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Teaches English through a series of fun activities
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Learn the basics of the English language by mastering thirteen courses that cover numbers, colors, personal items, etc. and practice your skills by matching the spoken word with its written form or participating in some other fun activity.

If you can read this review, it is because you have a certain knowledge of the English language. But you may know somebody who doesn't, maybe your own children, spouse or employees. If you are interested in them to learn the language, then an easy, fun and free way to begin acquiring this important tool is undoubtedly English for Free. It is a rather simple but effective program that lets users know and practice the basics of the language. It has 13 lessons on different subjects like Numbers, Colors, Personal Items and so on.
What is truly original about this method is that one can learn English in five different ways. Having chosen the lesson they want to study, users can select if they want to match the correct images with the word they hear; also, they can match the spoken word with its written form. Nevertheless, the last three possibilities are the most fun. In the first one, you need to arrange a series of letters for matching an image and a spoken word. In the second, you control a pacman which needs to eat the letters forming a word while avoiding being attached by monsters; the letters should be eaten in order for being successful. The third task is a very basic but still fun shooting game, in which you need to shoot the letters forming a word that matches an image and a spoken word. The letters should be soot in order too. All in all, although basic, English for Free is a great, free aid for children and novice English students.

Victor Hernandez
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